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Best Coffee Grinder for French Press- Top picks 2019

If you wish to have one of the most mouth-watering mugs of french press brewed coffee each time, then as any knowledgeable barista will tell you, the best coffee grinder for french press is a must-have item. Improperly ground beans will impact the preference of your coffee, so having a grinder explicitly designed to create the very best work for french press coffee is essential. If you are uncertain what makes an excellent coffee mill for french press coffee, after that you remain in good luck since in this guide I am going to show to you whatever you require to understand to acquire the best mill for french press coffee.

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In this most excellent coffee grinder review we will first describe why you must be grinding your very own coffee in the first place, and then take you through the different functions that make an excellent grinder for french press coffee. We hope you will find the best coffee grinder for french press coffe from this article.

Why Coffee Needs to be Grind?

Before giving you French press coffee grinder reviews. We tell you about coffee grinding importance. If you wish to know the very best means to make coffee in a french press; the answer is to grind your very own beans just before you brew the coffee. Coffee beans stagnate the longer they sit there and grinding your beans and allowing them to rest only quickens this procedure. Different aspects contribute to this procedure; however, the main ones are oxidation as well as moisture.

Through oxidation, the process of air particles connecting with your beans, various tastes and also fragrances are launched from your seeds. Grinding your beans kickstarts this process, which is fantastic if you are most likely to make your coffee straight away, yet not so good if you aren’t? Oxidation is what provides your coffee with its one-of-a-kind flavours and also fragrances, and even this procedure will proceed up until your coffee is made, so by grinding your beans on your own as well as right away making the coffee, you maximise your delicious coffee beans.

Wetness around your house liquifies the precious oils within your ground coffee, for the best coffee it is best to have these oils undamaged till your coffee is brewed. Moisture adversely affects your coffee beans as well as having ground coffee beans once more only speeds up these adverse results.

Grinding your coffee will certainly also conserve you cash over time. If you were to acquire a store-bought coffee or 2 each day for a year or so, you would undoubtedly have been better off investing in a great coffee mill and french press as well as making your very own from the first day. This likewise provides you with the advantage of enjoying your nicely made french press while in the comfort of your one of a kind home, and also perhaps even while you are still in your pyjamas!

Best Coffee Grinder for French Press reviews

KRUPS Coffee Grinder

best coffee grinder for french press

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If you’re a French press coffee lover searching for a trusted coffee grinder, the KRUPS Coffee grinder will undoubtedly be your ideal choice. It is developed with a modern look that will bring a touch of elegance to your modern kitchen. This coffee grinder has handled to incorporate the traditional and the contemporary grinder to add an individual taste while adding a fascinating setting to your kitchen. Mentioning the price, I assume this is where the KRUPS grinder flourishes one of the most. Offered at a much-reduced cost as contrasted to most of its traditional mill equivalents, the majority of customers have gotten this grinder, making it one of Amazon’s top selling items with several positive evaluations. Back to the attributes; let me mention that the KRUPS is not merely an ordinary cooking area grinder. Developed with a very sharp stainless-steel dual blade system, this grinder is flexible sufficient to complete numerous reducing tasks such as grinding coffee beans, seeds and also nuts along with herbs as well as spices. The KRUPS might be forgotten due to its small size, and it’s a useful grinder as well as can grind for up to 12-cups of newly brewed coffee, enough for a big household. Envision waking up early in the morning to grind your coffee beans without waking anybody up with the considerable noise produced by a lot of grinders. It’s great. Now, to make this dream a fact, KRUPS has fitted their flagship coffee grinder with a powerful 200 watts electric motor that is hugely responsible for the quick grinding procedure as well as a reasonably quiet activity you’ll experience.


  • You can grind your coffee in 10 seconds.
  • You can grind 12 cups of coffee at a time.
  • This machine can grind 3 ounces of coffee beans in a second.
  • Stainless steel blade.
  • Not much heavy, Just 1 pounds.


  • Sometimes this machine heats up when you grind coffee.
  • Some people complained about inconsistent grinding.

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

best coffee grinder for french press

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Baratza is an American business that began in 1999.Ever since the firm has offered cutting edge grinder for professionals as well as one of the most requiring customers. As pointed out previously, the Encore is a newbie’s grinder, but that doesn’t quit it from providing stable efficiency and longevity. Compared to Baratza’s older Maestro designs, the Encore device has an improved transmission for the quieter procedure and also a stronger layout. Besides the steel burrs, the Encore’s inner components are mostly constructed of plastic, which is something most lovers would certainly smirk at. They have a good reason for considering that plastic is typically a lot more at risk of damage than metal.

The Encore’s gears are made of 15% glass-filled thermoplastic which make them extra durable and also resistant to shock. If you just placed well-roasted beans in the receptacle, you should not have any concerns. Only under-roasted beans or small stones need to cause concern.

Additionally, the new and enhanced transmission can avoid jams from stopping quickly sufficient without triggering damage to internal components, producing quite the resistant grinder.


  • On/ off switch option.
  •  You can grind coffee with 40 setting.
  • Excellent quality conical burrs.
  • Powerful electric motor with a low RPM.


  • Receptacle size is a little small.
  • No portafilter application control.

Cuisinart  Supreme Coffee Grinder

best coffee grinder for french press

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The Supreme Work is Cuisinart’s latest home coffee grinder. The Cuisinart Supreme is unquestionably a budget plan grinder. It is simple, straightforward to utilize, sturdy, and (most importantly else) cost-effective. It doesn’t use a high enough grind top quality for coffee or pour-over brewing, but it works merely great for auto-drip as well as the French press. It has an 8 oz. bean receptacle and 18 various work settings. The controls are straightforward, making it an extremely approachable grinder also for the beginner, and it costs approximately a quarter the ordinary price of customer burr grinders. It is a conical burr grinder that works most excellent for automatic drip-brew as well as French press methods. Compared to most of the other customer grinders, the Supreme offers low work quality. It is not as precise as numerous others, yet it is also not virtually as costly. This grinder is best in the hands of a somebody on a restricted budget, or someone who prefers automatic drip or French press. The home brewer trying to find a grinder to complete their espresso or pour-over setup must avoid this grinder.


  • Affordable price, much less than a quarter of the sector average.
  • Straightforward controls for straightforward use.
  • Lengthy life expectancy.


  • Inconsistent grind top quality.
  • Limited choice of work settings.

Our Suggestion

We all know that the French press coffee making process is not easy. For this process, you need some skill and some best machine which makes your work easy. A coffee grinder is also an essential machine of the process. So we are trying hard to give you the best coffee grinder. We review some of the coffee grinders which are best and affordable. We think all of these are best and purchasable. If now you are confused about all of these three. We suggest you to buying a KRUPS coffee grinder because we believe this coffee grinder design and work is best than other.

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