Best Coffee for French Press

Coffee is like liquid gold to many people. We do not even remember how many times we can drink coffee until we wake up from the eyes open in the morning. Coffee is our daily necessity. Many people compare coffee with drugs. We want our coffee perfect and unique taste all the time. So we use many methods of making coffee. There are so many different varieties of coffee brewing method. The French press is one of them. If you want to brew coffee with this method then you need to care about coffee beans and the French press coffee machine.

In this article, we have shown some of the best French press coffee machines and some of the best coffee beans that will be useful for brewing French press coffee.

About French press

Actually, the French press is a coffee brewing device which was invented in Italy in 1929 by Paolini Ugo. French press is called various names in different places around the world. In Italy, the French press is called caffettiera a stantuffo. In New Zealand and South Africa, the French press is called a different name; they call it coffee plunger, and coffee brewed and plunger coffee. French press is different types of coffee brewing method and this French press coffee brewing machine is also different from all other coffee machines.

How to Make French Press Coffee

This method is very old for brewing coffee technique. This coffee making process is type of art. If you want to make such coffee then you cannot be hurried. You have to be patient to make this coffee. At first, you need to have delicious coffee beans, delicious means fresh. Then you need to grind this fresh coffee with your grinder. You have to be careful that the coffee grinding process. As much as the grind, the better coffee can be made. We recommend starting between 60 and 70 politer how you like it is up to you. One more thing you’ll need that is digital scale. If You might think the digital scale would be useful. But we promise you that the digital scale is incredibly useful. The brewed coffee tastes really good you won’t do that every single time you brew it that for knowing what you did it that way to get there. The alternative is you brew a bad cup of coffee. Now what you’re changing when you try something different next time and it will make your life so much easier. You need to use fresh clean pure water. Now the turn to make coffee, first you need put grind coffee in your French press machine. Then you need to put medium boil water in the machine. We recommend 30 g coffees with 500g water. Then you need to sit down for 4 minutes. Then you will need a tablespoon to mix your coffee and water. After mixing done then you need to wait for five minutes. Now you can drink coffee but before drink, you need to put your plunger carefully in your machine and carefully plunge. Finally, you can drink your coffee.

To make this French press coffee perfect you will need the best French press coffee machine and fresh coffee beans. In this article, we reviewed some of the best coffee brands and coffee machines which are available in the market.

Best Coffee brand for French Press

Death Wish Coffee

You might have been afraid to hear the name. This is the name of a coffee company. We showing the death wish coffee here because it is ground coffee and this coffee is very strong. Most people love this coffee. This coffee will enhance your French press coffee taste. This coffee is USDA Certified Organic coffee.

Biohazard Coffee

Biohazard is an American coffee brand. This coffee also strong coffee even they claim this coffee is very strong than any other coffee in the world. This coffee bean has 928 mg Caffeine. If you drink this coffee, as deep as you sleep, this 928 mg caffeine will be awake you. This coffee is made with Robusta beans for a dark organic roast. This coffee flavor will make your morning more beautiful.

Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle coffee company is new but this company is good for coffee. We review this because coffee made by unique technology which called is CAF. This coffee bean is 100% Colombian excelso beans that’s why you can make your coffee perfect like other brands. This brand coffee is not strong like other brands. But this coffee made with aggressive flavor with a medium roast.


We think this entire 3 coffee brand is best for your French press. But we recommend you to use Death Wish coffee brand. Because of this coffee brand is famous and many people are pleased using this brand of coffee.

Best Coffee Machine Brand for French Press

Secura Coffee Maker

This coffee maker fully made by stainless steel. When it is talking about design, in one word it can be described that the design of this machine is wonderful. It’s sure that anyone would like to see it for the first time. This machine has 3 layers stainless steel filter system which can ensure your coffee taste always perfect. This machine also has a cool tech handle. With this machine, you can brew 1000ml coffees at once. This machine is easy to clean and it’s also durable.

Coffee Gator Coffee Maker

This coffee maker also fully made of stainless steel. This coffee maker design is also awesome like Secura. But this coffee maker has an awesome feature which makes this machine unique. That feature is vacuum layered system.  You can keep your coffee warm for up to 1 hour for this feature. This machine also has a cool tech handle. This coffee maker plunger is cool tech. That’s why when you make coffee with this coffee maker you always get perfect flavor. This machine is durable and rustproof. It is also easy to clean like Secura.

Culinary Prestige Coffee Maker

Lastly, this coffee maker we are showing you. This machine’s design is described by one word, and it is amazing. You will fall in love when you first see this machine’s design. This machine designed with a high-quality chrome-plated stainless steel finish. With this machine, you can make the hot brew and cold brew coffee. You can make 8 cups French press coffee at a time. This machine has a heat resistance glass carafe. This machine has a double screen filter which makes sure your coffee making process always perfect. This machine is also easy to use as others.


We think all of this 3 coffee maker is best for your French press. You can use any of this coffee maker. If you are still confused about which one you should buy. We recommend you to buy Secura coffee maker. Because of this machine design is beautiful and it is good at work.


  • After use washes your machine carefully.
  • Read the machine Instructions.
  • Beware about heat.


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