Ninja Coffee Bar cf091 – Review and Buyer guide

ninja cf091
The Ninja CF-091 is packed with a lot of features. When it comes to trying to find a coffee machine, it is important that you find one that meets most of your needs.

This is not the case with the Coffee-Bar CF0-91, which has nothing but praise to offer in terms of efficiency and durability.

The Ninja CF091 coffee maker has a carafe and a single-serve coffee system. This model comes with a built-in frother, advanced thermal flavor extraction technology, and auto-iQ one-touch knowledge. You can choose from six different serving sizes.

Ninja CF091 has a set of unique attributes that make your experience that much more delightful. It’s worth every penny because the high-quality coffee it makes is amazing. It is a nice black color and has stainless steel surfaces that will go well with the rest of your kitchen’s decor.

You don’t wait for it to warm up. With just a single touch, it’s ready to go.


Ninja makes quality kitchen gear, and this model is no different.

This design features a smooth, modern black finish that exudes sophistication.

Constructed from hard black plastic parts with faux chrome highlights, this layout looks like a costly coffee maker. That being said, it has a large footprint and takes up a bit of kitchen counter real estate.

Also, this one is made of plastic instead of glass.

What’s in the box?

  • 22-ounce double-walled tumbler (for hot and cold drinks)
  • double-walled carafe (for iced coffee)
  • 22-ounce double-walled stainless-steel travel mug
  • 14-ounce glass specialty brew cup


  1. Five Brewing Modes: The Ninja CF091 comes with four main brewing modes that let you make different kinds of coffee. This is unbelievably beneficial, especially when you have loved ones over that delight in various kinds of coffee.
  2. Traditional Brew Setting: On your coffee maker, you’ll see a “timeless brew” button. When triggered, this button allows your maker to produce coffee that is smooth and balanced.

If you enjoy your regular coffee, then this is simply the switch you need to press. It does likewise for any drip coffee maker.

  1. Rich Brew Mode: Are you a fan of Java coffee? Then you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at any time of day without leaving the comforts of your own home.

This setting produces more opulent tastes than the Timeless design. You can include ingredients such as milk, sugar, etc. and still have a solid cup of coffee packed with delicious flavors.

  1. Specialty Mixture: Right here, you will have the ability to work up your trademark drinks and also coffee drinks such as coffees or lattes. Remember that the Ninja CF091 has its own milk froth for steaming your milk, so do take advantage of this attribute when preparing your preferred signature drink.
  2. Over Ice-Brew: Who doesn’t enjoy some iced coffee, particularly on hot summer days? Ninja CF091’s over-ice feature is exceptionally simple to make use of.

All a user needs to do is fill the carafe with water and press the button. Ninja CF091 will undoubtedly do the remainder for you. Within minutes, you can enjoy freshly made iced coffee.

  1. Coffee shop specialty mixture: This setting resembles the specialty-mode setting pointed out above. The only exception is that Café Specialty supplies 8 ounces of a focused mixture.


The coffee machine allows an individual to adjust the quantity of coffee they wish to make. With a simple turn of its dial, this design has the motor power to make a whole pot or just a single cup for the road.

This design comes with four quantity sizes: an Easy Frother, a 22-ounce travel cup, a warm and cold 22-ounce insulated tumbler, and a 14-ounce shielded cup. These sizes correspond to a standard full carafe, half carafe, travel mug size, and single coffee size.

Ninja CF-091 is expanding the amount of variety available, from a full carafe for serving beverages to a large group of people to a single pod-free size for a single person. Ninjacf-091 uses a handheld agitator, which one needs to plunge backward and forwards with when they want to produce foam in their milk.

Is the Ninja CF-091 for you?

When you consider all the features you get as soon as you buy this item, the Ninja coffee maker is priced appropriately. It is very durable, extremely tight, performs admirably, and is easy to use.

Generally, this model is fantastic, and there’s no contrast to other versions within its price range. Even though some exterior parts are made from plastic, the system in its entirety is well developed and unbelievably sturdy. It likewise has a gorgeous finish that adds design and sophistication when placed on your kitchen countertop.

These machines enable an individual to add an individual touch to their coffee. Before using this type, you must first look at a couple of training programs online, as the process can be a little bit tricky for a first-time user.

However, once you’ve mastered the art of brewing coffee according to your preferences, you’ll never go back.


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