If you’ve just heard of the term “red eye coffee” and are looking to find out what it is, then you’ve come to the right place!

This article discusses what’s in it and how to make red eye coffee, also known as red eye brew or red eye.

What Exactly Is A Red Eye Coffee?

Red-eye coffee is regular coffee with a shot of espresso added.

You can add one or two shots of espresso or milk to your red eye to make it your own. Add a shot of espresso to your cup of drip coffee to create the simplest red eye you can prepare at home.

It will nonetheless be regarded as red eye coffee even if you add any flavor, milk, cream, or sugar to it.

Where did Red Eye Coffee Get Its Name?

You might be wondering: Why is coffee referred to as a “red eye” now that you know what it is?

While the true origins are not verified (no wiki), the coffee drink started coming up in the aviation industry in the 1990s. Red eye refers to a “red-eye flight,” which is a flight that departs late at night and arrives at its destination in the morning. Passengers have red eyes from being exhausted.

The first name was “Shot in the Dark” or “Coffee with a Shot.” This drink name was added to Starbucks’ secret menu. The name changes based on how many espresso shots are added to the coffee.

Some name variations include:

  • 1 shot = Red Eye
  • 2 shots = Black eye
  • 3 shots = Dead eye or Green eye (Starbucks’ name of the drink)

What Does Red Eye Coffee Taste Like

It’s intense, but the smoothness of the coffee mixed with the strong espresso go together well. Think of it as a smoother Americano. An Americano with extra body; a smokey drip cup. It tastes as strong as you thought it would. With approximately 160 ml of caffeine, it’s going to have a bit of a kick.

Red-eye coffee combines the bold, smoky flavor of an espresso with the sweetness of drip coffee.

If you don’t usually drink hot Americanos or coffees that are very strong, you might not like this strong coffee drink. Even if you add sugar and cream, you can shake off all that body.

Red Eye Coffee Dosage

The potency of red eye coffee can vary depending on the recipe

Syrups like hazelnut, caramel, or cinnamon, or different types of flavored creamers, will usually give your beverage an interesting flavor. It becomes thick, like oil. Which is appropriate because a red eye coffee is known as an “oil spill” in Kansas.

The amount of espresso used makes a difference in flavor. If you add too much espresso, it’s overkill, and if you don’t add enough espresso, you don’t feel the caffeine.

How To Make Red Eye Coffee At Home without an Espresso Machine

Of course, it’s easier to make with an espresso machine. Make a cup of coffee. Make a shot of espresso and then dump it into the coffee. Done!

However, if you don’t have an espresso machine, you can use a moka pot. It’s made the same way as if you had an espresso machine.

Red Eye Coffee Recipe:

  1. 6 oz drip coffee
  2. 1 shot espresso
  3. Milk or cream

Is a cup of red-eye coffee strong?

Yes, red-eye coffee is strong.

While the strength of the coffee depends on how much espresso you add to it, it’s typically going to taste strong.

Espresso has 60 milligrams of caffeine per serving. Caffeine levels in a typical brewed cup of coffee (8 fl oz) range between 80 and 135 mg.

A cup of red-eye coffee contains approximately 160 mg of caffeine.

Health Benefits Of Red Eye Coffee

The first health benefit is that more caffeine could make you smarter and more alert.

The antioxidant impact of this coffee beverage is a potential additional benefit. Its caffeine content may help to lessen oxidative stress and inflammation.

Dangers Of Too Much Caffeine

While there may be some health benefits to caffeine, there are also some risks.

Some of these risks include death, which is rare but can happen.

Sleeplessness and agitation are common side effects, as are a faster heart rate and higher blood pressure, as well as stomach problems like diarrhea and vomiting.

What’s The Difference Between A Red Eye And A Black Eye Coffee?

A red eye has one shot of espresso, and a black eye has two shots of espresso.

Red Eye Coffee vs Americano

Although they may seem similar, the difference lies in the quantity of beans used as well as the brewing or preparation method.

In a red eye, you have one shot of espresso combined with brewed coffee, whereas in an Americano, you have about 60–100 ml of water and one shot of espresso.

Therefore, a red eye has more caffeine than an Americano.

If you want more caffeine and a bolder, more robust flavor in your coffee, then go with a red-eye coffee.

Final Thoughts on Red Eye Coffee

Red-eye coffee is a drink that is more tolerated than enjoyed. It’s why it’s almost always taken on the go. Nobody sits by the fire and enjoys a quiet night while sipping red-eye coffee.

If you need a quick pick-me-up and are used to high amounts of caffeine, this is a drink that will wake you up. But if you have trouble with caffeine’s side effects, you might want to drink an espresso or cup of coffee on its own.


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